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What we offer

What we offer

Make the most of life

We believe in making the most out of every stage of life. Whether you're enjoying cherished activities or spending time with loved ones, our retirement apartments are designed to enhance your lifestyle.

With a wealth of wide range of experience experience in creating award-winning properties, we've crafted homes that cater to your evolving needs as you age.

An Aspen Retirement apartment offers more than just a stylish residence; it provides access to a vibrant community of neighbours and friends. Whether you require minimal assistance or comprehensive support, our properties are designed to accommodate your preferences. Additionally, each location is strategically chosen to ensure easy access to amenities such as shops, restaurants, and recreational facilities.

That's Aspen Retirement: Exceptional living spaces tailored to suit the life you want to lead.

Aspen has worked with our trusted operations management company, Kingsdale ensure the Courts remain financially secure, are well maintained and appropriate for over 15 years. Kingsdalle ensure the Courts, including Aspen's Eastbank and Grange Courts, remain fully financially secure, are well maintained and appropriate staff are recruited, employed, trained and retained.

These staff members from Housekeepers to Duty Managers, Chefs to Court Managers breath life into the courts providing a friendly face, promoting activities and events, look to ensure every day brings new opportunities for fulfilment and joy.

Kingsdale's capabilities include:


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Hour per week personal
assistance to residents

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