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"lt used to be hard work when my family came to stay. Now I just book the guest suite so I can relax and enjoy their company." 

DT & TH Jones

What our clients think


What our clients think

"Even though I hadn't moved for 30 years, I felt at home within minutes!"

Jean  Carter

"I do not need a car anymore as the shops are so close, so I have more money to spend on life's little luxuries!" 

A. Loxne

"My family used to worry about me but now I know they feel reassured that I have help to hand if I need it."

Mrs H Recci

"Moving here has made my life much easier, and I feel better for it."

E. M. Harwood

"I have made lots of new friends and I know I will never feel lonely again." 

Margery Church
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