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Aspen Meadows Bengaluru

Our new developments

Brand new development plans for Aspen Meadows in Bengaluru, India.

Our brand-new development plans for Aspen Meadows in India, where luxury meets holistic living for retirees and assisted-living residents. With meticulous attention to detail, we're crafting a vibrant community that embodies elegance, comfort, and comprehensive care.


full time 



sqft of


Flats and apartments available

Bepoke design

Built to a high standard and specially designed for older people.

Aspen Meadows offers a supportive environment with meticulously designed apartments tailored for older individuals and couples.

Ideal for those seeking to downsize from larger properties or ease the burden of home maintenance, our schemes provide peace of mind in a modern state-of-the-art building. Facilities will include numerous restaurants, yoga studios, hair and beauty, gym, swimming pool, library, art studio, separate staff accommodation, car parking, and the location has excellent transport connections.

Professionally landscaped gardens with designated seating areas offer a tranquil retreat, while the option of companionship fosters a sense of community through regular social activities. With safety features such on site security staff, digital CCTV, emergency call system and restricted entry, we prioritise your security and well-being. With permanent staff on call to offer support and assistance when required and a professional maintenance team looking after the landscaped grounds, communal spaces, your home and building, you will be welcomed into a friendly home. With your own front door and a secure environment, your well-being is at the centre of Aspen Meadows, Whitefields.


Redefining retirement living with comprehensive support

Stepcare is an associated company that is working alongside Aspen Retirement and Aspen Senior Living Pvt. Ltd. to provide healthcare services to those in Aspen Meadows who need clinical support. 


At Stepcare, our mission is to provide evidence-based, patient-centric primary care through a membership-based model based on the UK National Health Service (NHS), which is known for its patient-centric approach and commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services to everyone which will be offered to all Aspen Meadows residents.

We believe that by aligning the health and well-being of our members with our needs as a healthcare provider, we can provide equitable access to first class care.

Highest standards

Our approach to local regulations in India

We understand the importance of honouring and meeting local regulations and building codes in India. 

Aspen Retirement is also committed to passing the UK best practice standards and those gleaned form across the world in a transfer of knowledge to India, to make Aspen Meadows the exemplar retirement accommodation available.

The approach of our partner, Aspen Senior Living Pvt. Ltd. is guided by a deep respect for the communities we serve, ensuring that every aspect of our development process aligns with the values and regulations of the region.

From working closely with local authorities and construction professionals to fostering positive relationships with residents, we strive to create retirement communities that not only meet legal requirements but also contribute positively to the fabric of the neighbourhood.

By embracing these regulations, we uphold our commitment to responsible and compassionate development, ultimately creating spaces where residents can thrive in harmony with their surroundings.

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