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There are a number of benefits that many older people may be entitled to and which they may not be aware of. Some are means tested but others, such as Attendance Allowance are not. When someone becomes elegible for certain benefits it can open the doors to others.

We are not experts in this field but we can put you in touch with people who are.
As an example, many people who feel that buying an Extra Care apartment is right for their stage in life are often elegible for the lower rate of Attendance Allowance since they need a little help with personal chores and this goes a long way towards paying the monthly service charge. Our sales advisors can help you and often arrange an appointment with a benefits advisor.

One of the means tested benefits is Pension Credit, and dependant upon your income and savings you may be entitled to a top up. if so then you may also be elegible for other benefits.

Age UK are a good source of information and your local Social Security office is always very helpful.

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